Trees for the Festival

As it is almost the end of January, I felt that I should get myself in gear and finish my 2017 Christmas posts. Here is the process I went though this year for the two large trees and one small tree that I decorated for the Festival of Trees First I measured the spaces needed down in my basement game /family area.
This tree required a 7x9 foot area and the other required a 9 by 14 foot area. Next I put the trees bag where I wanted to put the tree up in each space.
Then I got my ornaments gathered.
Next was assembling the trees and checking to make sure the lights worked, as they are always new trees, so far I have not had a problem with lights.
Then I put some of the ornaments on, the tree topper on, and the tree skirt around it to check how I am planning it to look. Next I stack the boxes I am going to wrap to had depth and high to the display

Then I put out he other items I have that go with the tree theme. This one was a Hogwarts Christmas, of course.
I have to make sure all the o…

Seasons of Joy

This is the first of several post about the festival and what I created or co-created for the Festival of Trees, which benefits Primary Children's Hospital. As Children two of my Kids, Holly and Scott, both were under the care of this Hospital. As was one of my nieces, Emma, They are some of the lucky ones as the hospital was able to help all three of these kids become heathy adult with fairly normal lives. Thank you to the doctors, staff and everyone involved with this awesome hosital and I hope that the moneys raised from this event help other kids grow into adults. For many years I and Holly have been doing projects for festival of trees each holiday season.  In 2016 Holly came up with an idea for a wreath display. By the time we talked it over, there was not an end cap available for the 2016 Festival, so we decided to put it off until 2017. I got on line the first day you could register for spots in the festival (July 1, 2017) and put in a request for the space we wanted. Aft…

Let Them Eat Cake

Since I have been on a food kick the last couple of times, I thought I would bring you one of my hobbies I took up 39 years ago when I was first married. As we were very financially challenged at the time, being students, I took up cake decorating to make some fun things for not very much money. Dale Bought this mold and half a dozen tips for me on my birthday the first year we were married. It was very sweet because he worked extra tutoring sessions to get it for me. I still have the mold and it is still one of my favorites, even though it is a huge amount of works
But it can be used in so many ways

This is one I did probably 20 years after first getting this mold.
This was done for a friends graduation While this one was done for our accountant at tax time
I did decorated cakes for my children 
Some were simpler 
Some more three dimensional like the bear
  Some quick just using whatever I had on hand
A lot of the ones for early birthdays were just fun and ones I felt the kids would…