Edible Decorations

I love to cook and have fun when the cooking is also part of the decorations
I wish I could take credit for this one, but it is from a Japanese restaurant in Eugene Oregon
this hedge hog is a healthy treat
As is this little butterfly veggie tray with a yummy dip as the body Another fun veggie tray with a pineapple dip in the center And the fruit arrangements are so fun
Over the years I have done several of those for various occations
Add Chocolate 
or just making them into a flowery display In addition to fun centerpieces, these kind of displays make great gifts Oriental is also fun to make presentations of. Food is fun, just  use creative powers and make them look so pretty to dress up your table or serving area.

Steampunk necklaces

Over the years I have done several types of jewelry, both at home in my crafting area and on the road in hotels

Even when it is a pain to haul all the heavy jewelry making supplies, there are trips (driving trips only) I do and work on different pieces in the hotel rooms in the evening.

Which can make for interesting conversations with the housekeeping staff :)
This pieces was a mixture of thngs found in a hardware store, jewlery supplies and "found" objects
While this one was pretty much just different jewelry findings and gears
This and the next few are other examples of ones I have done in the last few years

This one and the next two I used cast resin focal pieces that I created to look emberish

This one and the next one are really some of the more elaborate  ones done in the steampunk style I hope to do some more of the steampunk ones over the summer. I really do enjoy doing the and then I can start to built some for a couple of the shows I hope to do maybe in 2019.

Tax Time Treats

Every year I bring treats to my accountants office at tax season
Homemade divinity
macadamia fudge
different cakes and candies
Chocolate dipped fruit and berry cups
Cupcakes and more. When we lived in Utah Valley I would do it several times a season, but this year they only got it once, but it was the office favorite; Chocolate  Berry cups which are dark chocolate cups filled with raspberries and blue berries then covered with more chocolate. It has been fun just to do something for them as Tax season requires such long hours and they are generally very nice people there.

paper playing

So over the years when I saw  craft kit that I felt might be fun I picked it up. This was on of these.

You start with these half round olds

Then you either use round circles of paper or glue that is colored and has glitter
For the paper one you layer them around the mold
Until you have covered it
for the glitter glue ones you just keep painting on thick layers for the glue
the paper one need several coats of modge podge painted on them after the paper is all one
As they dry it goes clear and you apply another coat until you have done it 4 or 5 times

you know the glitter is dry when it goes shiny instead of milky
These are right after I put the last coat of modge podge on
After they dry you need to let them "cure" on the molds for a week or so, then you carefully remove them from the mold. I have yet to trim the extra modge podge off 
These are another set I did using Christmas paper scraps I had from making Christmas card last year. I just used a 1inch circle punch to cut t…


So earlier this year for my Birthday I went to one of those ceramic painting storing and sat down and painted these two pieces, they did not come out like i had hoped, so I decided unless I was going to use the ceramics for food items, I will probably not do it again, it was so different from when I had my studio and knew all my paints and what they did, also the cost to do multiple firings to get the effects I would have like is fairly expensive.
Here are the to bisque pieces I started with

 They were not pour in the Staes I found out after I chose them.

They came out okay, but not up to my usual standard

I then decided to try a different route and went to a store down in the valley where the owner pours and cleaner her own stock
This was a little cupid peace I did for valentines time
First I put a set of black on most of the piece

Then I stared to add color by dry brushing the grass

Then I added some dark brown to the bear

Next I stared to lighten areas to bring in more definition