Let Them Eat Cake

Since I have been on a food kick the last couple of times, I thought I would bring you one of my hobbies I took up 39 years ago when I was first married. As we were very financially challenged at the time, being students, I took up cake decorating to make some fun things for not very much money. Dale Bought this mold and half a dozen tips for me on my birthday the first year we were married. It was very sweet because he worked extra tutoring sessions to get it for me. I still have the mold and it is still one of my favorites, even though it is a huge amount of works
But it can be used in so many ways

This is one I did probably 20 years after first getting this mold.
This was done for a friends graduation While this one was done for our accountant at tax time
I did decorated cakes for my children 
Some were simpler 
Some more three dimensional like the bear
  Some quick just using whatever I had on hand
A lot of the ones for early birthdays were just fun and ones I felt the kids would…

What's Cooking

When I took a cruise last month, the ship had cooking classes The first few pictures are from the cooking flyer they gave us each class, as I did not bring my phone to that class. It was a class on crepes. First we made Saint-Malo Then we made Savory Crepes A La Normande
I even got to make Crepe Suzette 
I found this class both yummy and informative. I found out that most of Europe feels that we American cook our eggs until they are rubbery. I Learned how to make clarified butter and that when you use butter in a pan at a higher heat it will burn if it is not clarified butter as the milk solids are what burns. In clarified butter the milk solids and extra water are removed, so it can be used in higher heats. Clarified bitter is also called Ghee. From here on out these pictures are ones I took myself. This class was called Bistro by Candlelight. We made Steak Diane, Potatoes Dauphinoise, and Haricots Verts Almondine. 
And Tarte Tatin
In this class, as in all of them, the chef, Noel, s…