Tuesday, February 14, 2017


These are awesome chocolate sculptures I have seem, I wish I could claim to have made them, but not so. I still wish to share them with you and hope you enjoy them.
The first five photo are of a huge chocolate fountain that is at a shop in the Bellagio in lasVegas. The fifth picture describes what it takes to run it, but it is fun to just watch.

 It has white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate flowing

 this was this past Christmas display at the same shop that has the fountain. Yes, Santa is completely made of chocolate and life size.
Then we were through their in January they had changed to a Chinese theme and yes the tree is also 100% chocolate.

Next, the below pictures I took at the 2015 and 2016 Ghirardelli  exhibit at Epcot's food and wine festival down at Walt Disney World in Florida. The Chef from the different Disney resort and restaurants at Disney World do these for the exhibit. They are all totally made of chocolate.

totally Frozen

right UP there

a bear necessity 

 monkey-ing around
 the force is strong with this one
 total eatable even with the mouse
 what a ride
 the bugs are in this one
 my hero
 cute panda's
another of the star wars
I am looking forward to what they will have next year!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

sorting and separating

Well, I now have been trough all of my crafting things at least once.
This was what I had not gotten through yet. So yesterday I spent several hours going through it all.
The most time consuming was going through my jewelry supplies, 
 I decided I need to cut down what I was keeping by about 2/3.
 I ended up keeping about one bin of my favorite crystals and beads. I only kept those that we natural stones and that I could see as pieces of jewelry
Also I decided to cut down the silver components and golf filled components. This left me with about a box of supplies that filled a 18x18x18 box.
Below are other supplies that I admitted that I will probably never use. It is rather daunting to figure out what to do with all the things I am not going to use. I  kept anything that I felt I may still want to try!

 I am not giving up the Kumi, but these were all triplicates or ones I have. 
 I still have some origami stuff, but really how much will I really do?
 As I do not see me doing a great deal of this type of jewelry again I don't know why I would hold on to them.
 I have all these kits for leather projects. I am thinking maybe a scout group might want them?
 I am not even sure what I thought I would use this for
 metal sheets and paints  for them are also going
I as I sorted through things, I found I had several Styrofoam cutter.
All in all, I will be glad to find new homes for this stuff. I hope I can find someone who would like them, as I hate to just throw them away!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why oh Why

Seriously people, I have had a problem! As a self employed person, my spare money over many year has gone into buying crafting things that I thought might be fun some day. The last couple of decades that amount has been embarrassingly large. I gave away thousand plus dollars of supplies when we moved last year, now nine months + later I look at the stuff I hauled here and am still puzzling over why I moved so much stuff. At least it went from two small rooms to one walking closet! sigh!

An example is I thought when I retired I would I would do scrapbooking and such, so I went out an got everything i could think of that I might need.
A tad bit overboard, right!
This just one area in which I saw something that I thought might be fun and totally went over board with getting supplies for. Much of it I have never used and none of it have I used since I moved.

Now, for several years I was making jewelry and doing some shows with it. I did okay, but got into the cycle of putting together fast pieces to sell and not doing the one of a kind pieces that I really love. All those years, I would pick of and order jewels, pearls, silver, and gold filled supplies  that I might need to have for when I finally had time to make all those ideas I had. So after getting rid of the fast jewelry supplies, I now have bins and bins of supplies for projects, I now have very little desire to create.

Sad huh! I am trying to figure out which ones I still want to do. I also finally figured out that growing up in a family with very tight finances, left me with a fear that if I didn't get the supplies when I say an interesting project, that maybe I could not afford to get them later. Also I had started to use shopping and eating to cope with stress in my lives. So now that I am finally dealing with my stress habits, I have all this stuff that I have little or no desire to do anymore. 
Any ideas on what I should do with it? I am open to suggestions as now it just  bothers me to see all this stuff just sitting around. Weird I know, but that is how it goes for me.

Wish me luck on figuring what I am going to keep and what I will be getting rid of.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Coloring in the Lines

I have found out that I like to do these adult coloring pages.

 This the first page I did above. I had a set of colored pencils with me on a trip to Florida  in November; this page was in one of the magazines I bought and was reading. It was not as bold as I would have like and so I was not as satisfied with it.
Then this is one of the three I just did this past week when we were south in the sun and warmer weather. I had brought a set of marker along and was much happier with the color depth.
 I think this was one of my favorites so far. I just like how the colors seemed to interact well together.
This last one I decided to do in various shade of one color. Mister blue bunny did okay, but I did not feel as content with it. I just did not feel finished, but they were all great ways to relax in the San Diego sunshine at the beach.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Showering Twins

Showering soon to be born twins and their mommy with gifts, fun and friends. I had the pleasure of cohosting a baby shower for a young friends who is having twins. I got to brush up my party planning skills and also got to make some fun things to decorate and serve for refreshments. Here is how it went:
First thing included a while searching amazon for the things I thought I could use to put together a fun shower.

 I found some cute bottle party favours and got some candy to fill them with. since she is have a girl and a boy this meant blue and pink.
 Here are the finished party favours
 Then I raided the extra new bath and beauty product I had in my cupboard and got baby gift bags for prizes for the games.
 Then I went to making diaper cakes for the table
They were as fun as the other times I had done them. about 75 diapers per cake.
I like them as they are a cute decoration and then you can still use all the diaper for the new babies.
 I finished the little girls cake first
 Then the blue one for the little boy
 Once at the place the shower was held at, I needed to get the decoration set up.
 I had a bunch of helper who were so good at doing what I instructed.  The favors were put around the diaper cakes. I was a little later getting there that day than planned as we had a big snowstorm going on and the driving took 2 hours plus instead of about an hour usually.
 The table was devoted to a baby's world. The larger teddy bear's and blankets ended up as a focal point for the gift area.
 I go to try several new recipes and presentation ideas with the food 
 As I am also writing a health blog, I decided to try to have several things that were healthy, not just sweeties (we had a few of those too)
 This veggie and cheese hedgehog was a lot of fun to crete
 As was these two veggie trays with dip

 Here are the sweet part of the treats along with some chocolates and cookie Matt brought.
 I went with a fruit garden here

 Cheese and cracker rounded out the setting
 For drinks we had fruit infused water
All in all, I had a fun time doing this and loved getting to do something again. The last real party I did was over a year ago at the masque ball.